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Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

Uplift Literacy offers free programs for children and families in underserved communities to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love for reading. Our researched-based approach to reading instruction enables lifelong potential for disadvantaged children by improving their reading proficiency. Our programs elevate young readers and change the trajectory of their lives.

Our mentors/tutors work with children in grades PreK-3 to build meaningful relationships with young children, while helping them improve their social-emotional development and early literacy skills.

Multiethnic group of kids sitting on floor in circle around the teacher and listening a st
Cute little children with nursery teacher reading book at table in kindergarten. Indoor ac

Uplift Literacy provides targeted and research-based literacy instruction at no charge to ensure children in grades

PreK-3 are reading at or

above grade level.

Parents are an essential part to early literacy development. Uplift Literacy connects families to existing resources in the community and educates families on how to become advocates for literacy at home.

Family Time
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